"Make 'em Eat M  d"

The Multi Media Platform Script Series  


High School Band Students 
Seek Revenge On Their Parents
Who Are City and County Administrators and
The Local Law Enforcement Personnel.

A Cancel Culture Revenge Comedy.

                                           note:  Comedy can remove negative connotations. 



(1) Darcy English - Plays Bass named, 'NO CASE BASS'
which reads in white block letters on the black guitar case.

(2) "Ducky" Dennis Wilcox - Keys and Sax

(11) Molly Butch - Lead Vocals

(3) Rosean Bobby - Lead Guitar and Vocals 
(Likes to Sing with Them Rats-Parker Dean and 
D.J. Rapper- East West Kadence, The Max)

(Parker Dean and East West Kadence are jealous of each other.)

"​Win” Winston Chance - 20 Year Old - Drums and Gambler 

Wu Wii - Cheerleader and Band Rowdy Fan

(3) Poly Bobby - 22 years old, A City Meter Maid, Rosean's older sister, 
wants to be a nurse or dentist like her parents, Joan and Time. 
She attends city collage, where she see's Winston hanging around.
She has a rockin' body and is a former cheerleader.   

(Their band name is "Police Pigs")


(6) Jason Really? - Bass and Vocals 
(A Little Bass and Some Keys and some Vocals here 
and there like, really.)

(5) Parker Dean - Lead Guitar and Vocals
(Billie Sue Davis is in love with Parker Dean.  He leads her on.)

(4) Billy Sue Davis - Drums
(In love with Parker Dean)

(Their band name is "Them Rats")


Vivian Cure - Dispatch Officer

Janet Hashtag - An Under Cover and Girlfriend 

(5) Richard Dean - Lieutenant, Always a Cad 

(1) Scott English - Police Officer, Single Man

Ricky Shot – Police Officer, Single Man 

Ben Roadkill - Police Officer, On His Second Divorce 

(2) Kevin Wilcox - Police Officer, New To The Job

Brystol Beaver - Police Sub Station Officer

Julie Beaver - 16 yrs. Daughter of Brystol Beaver

Jim Statutory - High School Gym Instructor

(3) Joan Bobby - Medical Nurse and Married Woman

(4) Brad Davis - Landscaper and Married Man

(4) Brenda Davis - Stay at Home Mom

Becki Hickey - Beer Drinking High School Football Player

Amy Chaste - Innocent in The Football Audience

Gon Carlos - Fast Food Chef on Crack

Jenny Macaroni - Waitress on a Diet

Chief Monte Complaint - Chief Lieutenant, 

Margaret Pax - Watch Commander

Eagle - (He flies by one name), Watch Commander

(1) Lori English - Bank Teller 
Tammy Benjamin - Bank Teller 
Nacho Swift - Bank Manager
(6) Keith Really? - Security Guard 
Larry Badge - Security Guard

(12) Marcel Chatti - Family Attorney - He don't stop talking.
(10) Walter Fraizar - Hardware Store Family
(7) Vance Arada - Construction Family
(8) Davie Regal - Cafe Restaurant The Windfall Casino Family
(12)"Geo" Giovanni Chatti -  Attorney Family Son - The kid don't stop talking.
(9) Constantina Amar - Jewelry Family Aunt 

(10) Adolfo Fraizer - Hardware Family and Uncle
(7) "Ace" Anthony Arada - Construction Family and Father
(9) Cirrus Amar - Jewlery Family and Father 
(11) Nicolas Butch - Music Family and Police Family Father
(8) Bella Regal - Cafe Restaurant The Windfall Casino Family X Wife, Mother 
(3) Tim Bobby - Dentist Family, Second Husband to Bella
(9) Matthew Amar - Jewlery Family Brother
Stanley A. Lyer - Serial Lover

East West Kadance - D.J. Rapper, "The Max" 

Produced by : Peggy Penny

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