Police Pigs

The Multi Media Platform 
Game Script Series

Rated:  PG 13

 (Male artist with his own live blog internet video show.)

I'm your Spirit Lover tonight, if you find yourself unsafe to drive, pull over to the side of the road, park safely and listen to us here on SoberLite.  

Let me mention something to you, if you hadn't heard of this one, sober lite as a term, is now being used to mean that you have drank or smoked just a little bit of something. That you are just a lite high.

Please don't lie to yourself listeners.

Get to know me. SoberLite is about a Literal Light that is on the car that safely drives you home Each light is registered with our company for help with your safety and security. We keep our records open for law enforcement to back ground check and keep on file in conjunction with or light tracking systems and securities. We are not light on safety.                                   

“Police Pigs"
    The Multi Media Platform Script Series:


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(East West Kandence and Rosean Bobby)
They like to sing together and it creates jealousy with the rat band females.)

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